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My name is LaurA! Force Scruggs and I am a published, produced and commissioned Chicago playwright. My play, "Punk Grandpa," was formerly published by Chicago Dramaworks (before it shut down) and is now published/licensed by PlayScripts Online. My short play, "Bossy," (about teaching theatre despite the red tape of working at a big city government-run park system and a complicated relationship with a uniquely loving grandma) is in the process of being published and licensed by Stage-Write Plays. I am a 2020 Playwright in Residency at Three Cat Productions in Chicago, where I am writing a play about Jane Addams (and the impact of childhood upon her career and her work with children at Chicago's Hull House), which will tentatively be produced in 2022 (postponed due to COVID-19). I have been produced by Three Cat Productions, Three Brothers, Unity Players, Vintage Theatre Collective, Chicago Fringe and Elgin Fringe in Chicagoland. I have also been produced by Orlando Fringe, as well as Planet Connections Theatre Festivity and FRIGID in New York City. I was commissioned to write an adaptation of Macbeth, from Lady Macbeth's perspective, set in the context of the modern day American government, by Three Brothers Theatre. My adaptation, "The Magic of Ladie M." had readings at Three Brothers' Waukegan Theatre Festival and Three Cats' New Work Festival in Chicago, both in 2018. My play, "Heart of Fairy" (explored concepts of womanhood and motherhood through the unique lens of a fairy, challenging audiences to think outside the normal ideals of gender and identity) was produced as part of Three Cat's season in Chicago in 2019. I am also a member of The Dramatists' Guild, Playwrights' Center, New Play Exchange, International Centre for Women Playwrights and a former Network Playwright at Chicago Dramatists.
Finally, I created the documentary, "Uncle Fun: You're The One," about the late Chicago novelty/toystore and its founder, Ted Frankel. It has been featured at numerous festivals and has won several awards, among them being a Tie for Best Documentary at the 2019 Lonely Seal Festival.

Live Laura


“This is my first experience going to a performance in the Fringe Festival.

I saw "Punk Grandpa" performed by Laura Scruggs, and it is simply put, perfect beauty.

Intersections of identity and vulnerability and honesty and history and family, executed by a very talented and special performer, coming together in a way that touched everyone's hearts.

If you've ever felt different and admired the freedom that comes with just being true to that difference, no matter what other people think or say, go see it! Really.

I am glad that a one-woman show has a platform like the Fringe Festival, otherwise I would never have heard this story, shed tears, laughed and come away with new insight.”

Fringe Festival Audience Person