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About Laura

Laura has taught theatre in a variety of environments, from the Chicago Park District to inner city schools to a Jewish community center. She has her M.A. in Communication, Media and Theatre and her B.S. in Elementary Education, with a Jr. High/Middle School Theatre Endorsement. Laura was the Internship Program Director for The Chicago Fringe Festival for the festivals of 2013 and 2014 and is currently a Network Playwright at Chicago Dramatists and a Dramatist Guild member. Some of her favorite roles include: Joanna in "Home Free," Fairy Freak Finooza in "Six Stories Up, Up & Away," Mary in "The Red Coat," Prunella in "Canker Sores and Other Distractions" and Mother of victim in "Bully: The Hip Hop Musical." She really loves her husband who allowed her to have a Wizard of Oz-themed wedding reception. She also enjoys faeries, puppets, festivals (especially Pierogi, crafts & circus), hiking, thrift shopping and social justice!

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“This is my first experience going to a performance in the Fringe Festival.

I saw "Punk Grandpa" performed by Laura Scruggs, and it is simply put, perfect beauty.

Intersections of identity and vulnerability and honesty and history and family, executed by a very talented and special performer, coming together in a way that touched everyone's hearts.

If you've ever felt different and admired the freedom that comes with just being true to that difference, no matter what other people think or say, go see it! Really.

I am glad that a one-woman show has a platform like the Fringe Festival, otherwise I would never have heard this story, shed tears, laughed and come away with new insight.”

Fringe Festival Audience Person